Monday, April 6, 2015

Faith Transforming

Maybe there's confusion on my faith. Maybe others feel as though its been taken...shaken...or it just never was. But that's a mistake in thought. Its not that my faith is no's that my faith has transformed. It does not consist of a man in a robe with a judgemental pen or even one of destiny. For me if you believe in that then at many times there are no winners or receivers of that coveted favor. Why is it necessary to put God in a box of ideas set up by man? I do not wish to be in this lot of idealizers. My faith is that love in its purest form can reach any crevice in the universe regardless of our perceived "right" outcome..that our suffering isn't in vain but for ultimate spiritual growth. This includes all suffering everywhere. Eternity is not playing in the clouds...eternity is part of the here and the now. Its all I consciously have. Why wait for greatness when greatness is at your fingertips through choice, action, love, compromise, etc. and is readily available in THIS life. Don't just plan for it daily!