My intentions were to start this blog BEFORE the new year since it is just such a cliche' to start anything on January 1st. Apparently it wasn't meant to be so here I am on January 1st starting this blog. What a cliche'? LOL. I have a small sparkle of ideas on how I would like this blog to be developed and utilized but in reality it's going to be a process that I must accept to ride out as we go along.  My plan is to share with you the craziness of my world, my perspectives on various subjects, insights and possible thought provoking topics, some silly stuff and whatever else may pop up in this mind of mine.  

As you will come to see, I'm an oxymoron kind of character. I believe in a lot, I believe in nothing, I trust and don't trust, I am open to new ideas, I'm closed to others. I am just a big ole sack of "I don't know". I'm not like many others who can stand firmly in their beliefs, ideas, practices, etc. I change my mind constantly depending on my exposure or own experience with something.  I'm just trying to figure it out or at least come to terms with the idea that it's okay to not have it all figured out because in the end....does it really matter? I don't even know the "right" response to that question. :)

So I invite you to ride this roller coaster of a life that I have and I would appreciate anything that you would like to share that can help move me, us or the universe in a more positive direction. If you come to be negative then I will just say this...My Wonder Woman bangles are thick and you mix that with my spastic tourettes arm swinging, I will just have to flash you my bangles and your negativity will be right out of here ;) 

So welcome to All Shades G... Shrapnels of My Soul

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