Prayers For My Children

I pray that:

  • The world doesn't harden you so much that you lose the ability of seeing the beauty in others and in any circumstance
  • You will find your own truth in your creator and not take someone else's version as your own
  • You find satisfaction in the simple things of life
  • You never lose the ability to say "I'm Sorry" and "I Love You" even in times of great heartache and with those that may seem undeserving of those words
  • I leave you with many examples of kindness, honesty, responsibility, accountability and mostly LOVE
  • You will open doors, pull out chairs, help cross the street, protect, speak kindly to, speak kindly of, listen well, be interested in those that you hold no future with or desire in the same way that you would with those that you do desire to have in your life
  • You will allow your feelings to flow through you and let them fall where they may before reacting to any situation
  • You know that all pain is temporary so long as you learn and move forward
  • You are okay with your loved ones passing away knowing that it is an honor and not a punishment or tragedy
  • You are not discouraged by a set-back or someone else's push back
  • You are mindful of your actions and the words you speak; they build the perception of who others believe you to be
  • You do not shallow your character to fit in anywhere
  • You will find your purpose through your God given strengths (natural talent)
  • You seek God before you seek others
  • You never forget to look both ways before crossing the street (literally and metaphorically)
  • You know my love for you!

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