Lessons Learning

  • Make No Assumptions (on anything or of anyone)
  • Hold No Expectations (100/0 Rule)
  • Do Not Require of Others What You Aren't Willing To Do Yourself
  • Do for others because it is right and in your heart to do so...otherwise Don't Do
  • Don't Believe Everything You Are Taught
  • Seek Knowledge
  • Love Unconditionally In The Way That God Loves You
  • Consume In Moderation (food, material, desires, etc.)
  • Look At The World Through A Child's Eyes and Heart (With Awe and Inhibition)
  • Sometimes it's better to just listen, not give opinions or offer advice
  • Don't Take Things Personally
  • Even If You See With Your Own Eyes and Hear With Your Own Ears, It Doesn't Automatically Make IT True or Real
  • Be Available (To whatever It is)
  • Honor Others (1.Be Interested 2.Listen More 3.Give Opinions Less)
  • Give Where You Know (1.Where's Your Expertise? 2.Where Are Your Talents Most Useful?)
  • Pray For Others/Self (Before meetings/events)
  • Do Not React Immediately (Immediate feelings are not our authentic selves)
  • We Do Not Have a Section of Life That Is Spiritual; Every Moment of Life Is A Spiritual Experience
  • To Be Who You Are Meant To Be, You Have To Let Go Of Who You Think You Are
  • Don't Eat With Someone You Don't Like
  • Life Is About Growth and Change;If You Are No Longer Doing That, That Is Your Whisper To Do Something Else
  • Leave a place/people in a better position than you found it (contribute instead of depleting or destroying)
  • In An Instant Everything As You Know It Could Change Forever 
  • Do Your Best With What You Have
  • The Lessons In Life Are Not Up To Us; We Can Only Choose To Experience Those Lessons Through Joy or Pain
  • Respecting Someone and Being Respectful Are Two Very Different Things...Being Respectful Is About You, Not Them!


  • Make Anyone Feel Less Than Who God Created Them To Be Regardless of The Situation
  • Allow Others To Take Advantage of You; Otherwise You Make Them a Thief 
  • Eat Unless You Are Actually Needing Nutrition
  • Be Afraid To Be Vulnerable
  • Let Your Voice Get Lost In The Noise of Others
  • Wait For The Right Moment...It May Never Come
  • Let The Fear of Being Hurt Keep You From Loving Fully
  • Forget Important Dates That Matter To Others
  • Commit To Something That You Have No Desire To Do
  • Underestimate The Intelligence of Children

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