Friday, March 11, 2016

The Challenge

These past few years have been a time that my awareness of self has increased tremendously and the ideas/beliefs that have conditioned both my internal and external world are no longer viable for what I desire next.  I have set some priorities and will be editing my life as a whole along the way. As I continue this path that I've chosen for personal growth, I have decided to challenge myself in various parts of my life. One is social media. I am by nature a social butterfly ;) however the greater part of me expands in solitude.  I’ve come to realize how much and how strong social media has an impact on each one of us….good and not so great. This is not news…we all know this to be true; however my desire to “keep in touch” and to be “in the know” has drastically changed. I choose to live with specific intention and with purpose. I do not want my days wasted on the mundane and unnecessary. My existence is dependent on growth and not stagnation or mediocrity. Our time is limited…and that’s not a negative…it’s just a fact…in physical human form anyway. So my challenge to self (for social media) is to eliminate anything that does not serve me or that I do not have a place in. This is no indication of anyone’s value to me in the past or present. It is only an awareness (for myself and to myself) that it is not necessary to extend myself or make myself available to everyone “just because”. I value my family and friends…but I also must value this journey that I’m embarking called Life.

I will be deleting every single friend. Yes EVERYONE! My challenge is to invite INDIVIDUALLY those that have played a role or continue to play a role in my world as it pertains to my goals in life.  That may sound easy….the key is that I have made it a requirement that I have to reach out to whomever individually and explain my desire to have an “FB friendship”.  This will be hard for me, but ultimately it requires actual thought and contemplation on the “WHY” do I want to be friends and “HOW” does it serve in the greater scheme of things.  This process will take quite a bit of time and I’m short on time daily, so I may be friendless for a while… haha. I only make this announcement so that I am accountable. Many times we do things and there is no one or no procedure to keep us accountable.  This post is mine!

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