Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Writing It Down...

Every year most of us begin to make unrealistic goals or have dreams of what we want to change or start doing going forward. I am no different.  After meeting with my supervisor about my professional goals for 2014, I started thinking to myself  "Why don't I prepare goals for my personal life with the same respect and determination?".  Why don't I write them down with specific ways of how I plan on achieving them? Maybe because I've been afraid of not doing what I set out to do, but who says you can't change them throughout the year.  We do at work all the time depending on the different projects, software upgrades, programs, etc that come why not allow myself the flexibility of changing? I think the important thing is that you start somewhere.  My mind wanders in so many different directions constantly that it would do me a great service to have something concrete to refer to from time to time.  I am learning to not identify who I am with what I achieve or don't achieve.  I am looking at it from a different angle than I did before. It's a tool and not a gauge of my success or greatness! So I have started a "Goals" list that I will adjust as the days move ahead.  This list isn't in any true format or's just an idea list, how to, maybe's, etc.  This in itself has excited me and ignited a fire under my arse that is well over due. Please note that this list isn't sophisticated by any means. It's a very simplistic list. My overall goal for my future is simplicity and although most of these items you may feel (as do I) that I should be doing already, the truth is that I don't do a very good job of doing even the simplest of things in my life.  I always find an excuse so I have started with the basics and will build from there as time allows.

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