Friday, January 17, 2014

Playing Catch-Up

It's been a crazy week and I feel like I've had so much to say but no time to say it. That's just the story of my life though.  I must admit that this blog is becoming very therapeutic and an outlet of the small nerd that lives within, so I'm a little upset with myself that I didn't do a good job this past week of post. I'm not going to harp on it too much except that I need to just get better at planning out my days in general.  

Aside from the regular duties of my day job and night mommy responsibilities, I've actually been a little bad and started shopping again through my online garage sales. LOL. Yes I can easily become an addict.  I guess it's the thrill of a bargain as well as being able to sell a few items myself.  I did make an agreement with the frugal ambitious part of me, that I would only buy as much as I could sell. In essence I wouldn't actually be spending any money, however, that really hasn't worked out that way this past week...haha. But we are striving for that to be the normal process of my "online shopping". I can at least say that I am diligent in tracking my spending and earnings, so in time maybe I will be able to give a positive report of what I've saved and/or earned. Baby steps!!

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